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Accommodation in a pleasant rural environment with home-made dishes ECO


 nastanitev dobrote



Relaxation in nature, long walks, picking medicinal herbs, mushrooms and blueberries ...


 sprehodi narava



Sport activities: cycling, horseback riding horses, playing table tennis, basketball or badminton, skiing in winter on a regulated Rogla, swimming in Terme Zreče


 sportne aktivnosti

Old dishes


Sour milk
Sour milk

is fermented domestic product.

Home-made sausage
Home-made sausage

with which you can have rye or fruit bread in wood-burning stove.

Rye and fruit bread
Rye and fruit bread

in wood-burning stove.


is one of the original Slovenian desserts.


are certainly one of the most characteristic of Slovenian national dishes.

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