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About us


The woods of Pohorje are something special: dark, rich and fragrant. In them  there are game and fruits in abundance and the air you can breathe there is nothing but health. This is the reason why you should drive out of the valley and half way from Zreče towards Rogla  you will catch sight of a farm by the road. This farm is called: At the Ramšaks«. Stop here and we will make you welcome; we are glad to see anyone that visits us.

Let us introduce ourselves first so that you may recognize us whwn we meet; we, Jožica and Anton, work on the farm, while Simona and Tomaž are students, who are glad to help at everyday work.

When we were building the new house, we thought about  you as well and so we now have six rooms with 17 beds waiting for you, and a kitchen where we prepere old, almost forgotten dishes, such as »štruklji«, »potica«, home-made sausages with which you can have rye or fruit bread baken in a wood-burning stove. To freshen up, you can have a cup of sour milk or, perhaps, a glas of cider. 

And what can you do on our farm? You can have a stroll, you can gather herbs, mushrooms or blueberries; you can also cycle, ride, play table-tennis, basketball or badminton; in winter you can ski on the Rogla skiing ground, swim in Terme Zreče spa or you can help us farm if this is what you wish. 

Bring your family to Zreško Pohorje! We are waiting for you!



Old dishes


Sour milk
Sour milk

is fermented domestic product.

Home-made sausage
Home-made sausage

with which you can have rye or fruit bread in wood-burning stove.

Rye and fruit bread
Rye and fruit bread

in wood-burning stove.


is one of the original Slovenian desserts.


are certainly one of the most characteristic of Slovenian national dishes.

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